About Phil

The Media has always held a special place in my life.

It continues to be a huge part of all of our lives every day, but for myself it’s been a prominent part of over half of mine. I started loving it when I was 15 years of age (I’m now 33). I excelled in GCSE and A level Media at school, which led me to study the subject from 2002 until 2005. My degree was both production and theoretically based.

Since graduating, I’ve worked at BSkyB and also spent 10 years teaching others how to produce unique independent content. I’m a huge fan of the film director Darren Aronofsky and his visual style. I grew up through the 90’s culture of MTV and Hip Hop Montage. My favourite lessons have involved debating and showcasing inspiring professional video content. Numerous students of mine have gone on to graduate and are now producing their own content in the Youtube-led era we now live in.

In 2017 I offered to film a friend’s wedding in Iceland. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing the story. Her father was ill and unable to be at her wedding to give her away. She wanted a way for them to see and be part of the moments that she cherished, alongside the traditional wedding photographs. I consider the experience life changing. I realised that I can use my experience to create bespoke content for others that will complement their wedding photographs. But more importantly allow customers to have a video to share both on social media and with future generations and family members. Nervously, I watched my video get screened at my friend’s UK Wedding Party. I witnessed her family’s reaction to the content first hand, which made me realise this is a skill I want to use to help others.

From that experience, Phil Edwards Productions was born. A bespoke independent videographers, who will plan and produce video highlights for weddings or to business clients. What makes me different to other videographers is a non-corporate approach. I’m not the type of videographer that wants to churn out a formulaic cheesy DVD highlights package made in Windows Move Maker, with cheap transitions and presented to you in a plastic case with cheap generic wedding typography. I will take the time to ensure your video is personal, professional and of a high quality.

I want to make, what you want me to make. Personal ideas are very different from one project to the next and although I’ll bring creative ideas and advice to the process, ultimately, you’re the boss. This variety in content keeps my enthusiasm high, which hopefully is what you want when someone is filming you on your special day. I will ensure you and your partner feel comfortable with my presence (or you may prefer me to be a almost invisible and discreet). I will thoroughly plan and meet with you beforehand and ensure all guest requirements are planned for and discussed well in advance of your special day. I will coordinate post production times with you, so you’re fully aware of lead times, based on other projects or commitments at the time of filming.

I’ve worked in schools for 10 years and have experience of working positively with children, making them feel excited to be part of a project. I’ve also made content for schools and local businesses, so if you feel you have an idea for a short project that isn’t a wedding, feel free to get in touch and pitch it to me.

I feel privileged to work being able to do something I thoroughly enjoy and hopefully I can create something memorable and exciting for you and your partner.

Please get in touch and I look forward to meeting you.